IEICE Membership Application

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Application for admission is accepted from time to time, but please prepare in advance for the followings:

① Request to endorsers (Regular Members, Student Members)
To join IEICE, recommendation by one Honorable Member or one Regular Member is necessary. In the case of a Student Member, if it is difficult to have a recommendation by the applicable member, recommendation from one instructor of your school is also acceptable. Please ask the endorser in advance for the recommendation, and get the Membership number of your endorser.

② When joining as a Student Member
You will have to submit a PDF file of your student ID card, so please prepare in advance.

③ When wishing to exempt your membership fee
If you enroll as a Regular Member, you will need an admission fee of 2,600 yen (students will be exempted). However, those who belong to the related academic institutes (The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, The Illumination Engineering Institute of Japan, The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers, Information Processing Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers), admission fee will be exempted by submitting an enrollment certificate (PDF).Please obtain your enrollment certificate from the enrolled institute.

【Flow of the Application Procedure】

Step 1: Click the button of our application page, and enter your e-mail address. We will send you an e-mail containing the enrollment application screen URL to the submitted e-mail address.

Step 2 Confirmation of the IEICE Articles, Regulations, and Privacy Policy.

Step 3: Please enter the required information for enrollment on the "Application Page".
1. Please select the Member type.
2. Please enter your endorser’s Membership number and name
3. Please enter the required information and confirm the entered contents again on the final screen. In particular, please confirm that there is no typing error in the e-mail address.
4. After registration, IEICE will send you an application confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the e-mail, check the registration information from the Temporary Member's Member Page.
5. Those who would like to pay online for admission fee and basic annual membership dues, please proceed to the settlement procedure. Those who selected any other method of payment, please promptly proceed with bank transfer etc. Those who would like to request an invoice, please access to your Temporary Member's Member Page for downloading. In addition, in case of bank transfer, please note in advance that confirmation by IEICE will take about 5 days after the payment.
6. Those who were recommended by the endorser by the 15th of every month and who were able to confirm the payment of the admission fee and annual membership dues for the first year at the Secretariat Office, will be accepted by the Board of Directors.
7. We will send you an enrollment completion email on the 1st of every month. Please get your membership card from your Member Page.

If you are ready for the procedure, please register your e-mail address. After entering it, please click the send button. We will send the URL of IEICE Members application request screen. In addition, please be careful with the input mistake of your e-mail address.
E-Mail Address
Please enter your PC's e-mail address. You can not use the mobile phone's e-mail address.