IEICE Membership Application

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IEICE Subscription Members refers to a group or institution which receives a site license to subscribe our online literature, such as The Journal of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (J.IEICE), the IEICE Transactions, and other published papers. Main members are various educational institutions, libraries, research institutes such as companies and public organizations, and other institutions and organizations that needs academic literature.
 Our institution will start offering Subscription options targeting a wide range of literature of the Society as a site licensing service for IEICE Subscription Members from April 2019. With this service, you can access to electronic version contents within the range of registered IP address without ID and password. There is no limit on the number of users and the number of terminals used.
 In addition, we will set up a member page for Subscription Members on our website. Subscription Members where took over from Associate Supporting Membership can use your membership continuously by using your previous ID and password.
(1) Literature subject to subscription options (site license service)
① The IEICE Transactions (Japanese Edition) A to D (from the first issue)
② The IEICE Transactions (English Edition) A to D (from the first issue)
③ J.IEICE online edition (From the first issue)
④ Proceedings of the IEICE Conferences (those that have been two years since the holding) and international conference proceedings
(2) Annual membership fee and subscription option fee structure
·IEICE Subscription Members' annual membership fee consists of basic annual fee and subscription option fee. There is no admission fee.
·For membership registration, it is necessary to select at least one of the above ①to ④ for viewing the target document for subscription option (1) above.
·Basic annual membership fee is 20,000 yen (tax free). For those who would like to subscribe our J.IEICE (magazine), we will send it every month.
·Even in the case of admission from the middle of the fiscal year, there is no decrease in basic annual fee and subscription option fee.
·Table 1 shows the subscription option fee structure. For each selected option, the annual fee of rank based on the number of viewing results will apply. Fee rank for "X + 1" fiscal year is determined annually based on viewing number data of X year (January to December), and it is reflected in the next fiscal year membership fee request.
·New members will declare the selected subscription application and its applicable rank. In addition, the rank of the second year in this case will be decided by converting the browsing record from entry month to December into an annual amount. For example, if your institution becomes a new member in 2019 fiscal year, the rank of fee for 2020 fiscal year will be decided based on the value converted from the number of browsing results of April to December of 2019 equivalent to one year.
·If your institute was our Associate Supporting Member in the past, or you would like to join again after quitting the Subscription Members, we will set the new rank based on the ranking of the past.
Table 1 Subscription Option Fee Structure of The IEICE Transactions (Japanese and English Editions)
RankViews / YearAnnual fee
The IEICE Transactions(Japanese Edition/bulk)The IEICE Transactions(English Edition/bulk)J.IEICE online editionProceedings of the IEICE Conference、Proceedings of the international Conference

Applications can be submitted any time. Please read the flow of enrollment procedure and apply for application process.

【Flow of Application Procedure】

Step 1: Click the button of our application page, and enter your e-mail address. We will send you an e-mail containing the enrollment application screen URL to the submitted e-mail address.

Step 2: Please be sure to check the articles of our articles, regulations and privacy policy.

Step 3: Entering the Application for Admission
1. Please enter necessary information and confirm the input contents again on the final screen.
2. After registering, we will soon send you an application email confirming the attachment of the first year's annual fee estimate, invoice and statement of delivery.
3. Please promptly complete your payment procedure such as bank transfer.
4. Applications which our Secretariat Office was able to confirm payment of the first year membership fee by 15th of every month will advance to the registration permission procedure by the Board of Directors.
5. We will send you an enrollment completion email on the 1st of every month.

If you are ready for the procedure, please register your e-mail address. After entering it, please click the send button. We will send the page of the URL of IEICE Subscription Members application request screen. In addition, please be careful with the input mistake of your e-mail address.
E-Mail Address
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